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Alumni Biennial Reunion June 10, 2017
Alumni Biennial Reunion June 10, 2017

33rd Warsaw High School Biennial Reunion

Every two years, the Warsaw High School Alumni Association hosts a biennial reunion, inviting all WHS graduates to an all school reunion. The 33rd WHS Biennial Reunion was held at the Warsaw High School gymnasium on June 10, 2017.  Alumni celebrating 50 and 25 years were the special honorees: Classes of 1966, 1967, 1991, and 1992. This reunion was the largest gathering ever with over 200 registrants. The event kicked off at 4:00 pm with conversation and cookies. Classes of 1953 and 1964 arrived even earlier to begin celebrating.

At 5:30, a short business meeting was called to order by Donna Stull (1975), President, to elect new officers and directors: Ethan Newman (2009), Vice President; Sherri Fairweather Hawley (1995), Secretary; Marilyn Reser McCain (1962), Director; and Holly Culton (2007), Director. President Stull thanked the Alumni Committee for its work and tireless help.  Doug and Sue McDaniels Stevens were recognized for their help in locating addresses for the alumni mailing. The oldest graduates, Murl and Earlene Hazel Henderson (1942), and youngest graduate, Bailey Sharp (2017), were introduced.  Sharp was also one of the Alumni Scholarship winners, and she thanked everyone for receiving the scholarship. She will attend Missouri S&T in the fall to major in Environmental Engineering and will also participate in ROTC.  Past teachers and administrators attending were introduced.  Dr. Shawn Poyser, Warsaw School Superintendent, spoke briefly.  Then the classes were introduced and asked to stand by decade.  President Stull also explained that the School District had made a permanent display of class photograph composites that scrolls in the front hallway of the high school.  The alumni sang the school song, “Mid the Hills of Benton County,” which was penned by the Class of 1917.  Dinner was served in the school cafeteria.

The Alumni Scholarship Fund provides essential support to students who are continuing their education. The Classes of 1953 and 1957 contributed. Individual donations were made by the following: Mary Ann Kinkead Inglish, Carol Laird, Jim Mathewson, Robert Drake, Marcia Laird Lucietta, Kay Lindsey, Jim & Shawn Reser Miller, Nick & Kathy Parker, Steven Thompson, Cheri Casper, Darrell and Marcy Cline, Ronnie & Linda Barnes Harpham, Keith & Linda Williams Pierson, Kyle Bartshe, Laveta Bradley Turpin, Ronald Holmes, Joe & Diane Bockelman, Dr. Shawn Poyser, Dr. John & Katie Boise, Aileen Mellen Pippins, Charles & Wilma Pryor Campbell, Don & Mary Pat Hirsch Wilde, Melvin & Sandy King Nelson, Dick & Leota Franks Kreisel, Turner & Wanda Shipman, Charlotte Spry, Robert & Beverly Kennedy, Junior & Dianne Martin Williams, James & Sandy Poe, John & Norma Harmon,  LeWayne Williams, Lonnie & LuAnne Reser Holmes, Danny & Tracy Dillion, Gary & Skipper Patterson Dodd, Mike & Tammy Byrum Rash, Thad & Kristy Henderson, Lance & Linda Flippin Swearngin, Marilyn Reser McCain, JD & Kathryn Findley, Joyce Kinkead, Doug & Sue McDaniels Stevens and Jim & Janine Carney . Donations to the fund can be made at any time to help support WHS graduates in their college careers.

The 34th Biennial WHS Reunion will be held June 8th 2019. Alumni are encouraged to communicate their contact information, particularly e-mail addresses, to the WHS Alumni Association so that they can receive invitations.

Alumni attending:

1942 – Murl Henderson, Earlene (Hazel) Henderson

1944 -Paul Yager

1946 – Earl Martin

1947 – Bette (Yeager) Dowland , John E. Hayter

1949 – Rosemary (Antwiler) Walthall

1950 - William Hughes

1951 - Marcy (Tally) Wooldridge; Fred Gregory; Paul Estes

1952 - Paul Wheeler, Carter Kinkead, George Keightley

1953 - Veta (Salley) Kinkead, John Leroy (J.L.) Johns, JoDee (Walthall) Estes, Mayetta (Chancellor) & Jerry Ballew, Dottie (Antwiler) Breshears, Greeta (Copp) Hensley, Harold & Joann Johnson, Keith Johnson, John Laird, Arlene (Dull) Lear, John Martin, Rose Martin, Roche Martin, Robert Scott, Shirley (Holley) Scott, Bob Suiter

1954 - Helen (McLerran) Gregory , Voyn Breshears

1955 - Earlene (Spry) Wiest-Reser, Harvey Holloway, Carol (Christy) Laird, Jim Mathewson, Dick Kreisel, Kent Johnson

1956 - Sandra (King) Nelson, Robert S. Drake, Carolyn (Teeter) Cunningham

1957 - Ann (Mowell) Breshears, Karen (Price) Myers, Joe Dale Roberta (Salley) Hedrick, Helen (Gaylord) Mantonya, Leota (Franks) Kreisel, Mike Pate, Turner Shipman, Allen Holley, Delma (Bowers) Dwyer, Rick Fajen, Carolyn (Keightley) Fajen, Lowell Moore

1958 - Janet (Rice) Holloway, Janis (Johnson) Cobb & Keigh Johnson

1959 – Robert Kennedy, Linda (McCartney) Gregory, Junior & Dianne (Martin) Williams, James Beldon & Sandy Poe, Wilma (Stull) Keightley

1960 - Marcia (Laird) Lucietta, Gary Noland, Marilyn (Getz) Annis, JD Findley, Linda (King) Parker

1961 - Dick & Shirley (Roberts) Copp, Randy Price & Linda (Jones) Collett

1962 - Nora Sue (Richardson) Sayre, James Carney, Gary Howe, John Harmon, Betty (Holley) Cobb, Jill (Price) Barnett, Marilyn (Reser) McCain, Jewell (Milam) Benner, Cinda (Jones) Garrison, Rozella (Stewart) Holm, Sharon (Summers), Ted Sartin

1963 - John Foster, Jim Weaver, Kaye (Womack) Mantonya

1964 - Marty (Gardner) Weaver, Judi (Johnson) Eckhoff, Mary (Smith) Sumners,  Karoline (Belsa) Fitzpatrick, Karen (Gemes) Garnier, Robert Gemes, Terry Johnson,  Wynema (Long) Rimmer, Patricia Gorham

1965-Kenneth Mantonya, Roger Pickard, Kathy (McMillin) Howe, Mary (Vannoy) Schenewark, Melvin Foster

1966 - Cindy (Whitaker) Pickard, Ronnie White, Steve & Joyce (Spry) Hasper, Marsha (Eaton) Rudolph, Brenda (McMillin) Jackman, Judy Kinkead & Sharon (Mayes) Noland; Arlie “Skeeter” Turner

1967 - James Johnson, Jim Miller, Gail (Hollingsworth) Hacker, Nick Parker, Steven Thompson, Kay (Kindle) Schenewark, Cheri Casper, LeWayne Williams, David Malecki, Linda (Flippin) Hazel, Linda (VanNoy) Howard, Lonnie Holmes, Mary (Jackman) Crouch, Jerry Follmer, Sandy (McCubbin) McNally, Larry Burton, Bobby Barnes, Marcy (Gregory) Turner

1968 – Darrell & Marcy Cline & Jeanean (Berryman) Sieving

1969 - Gary Martin, Joyce (McMillin) Lyons, Gary & Skipper (Patterson) Dodd, John Wiseman, Ronnie & Linda (Barnes) Harpham, Linda  (Howe) Adcox, Lance & Linda (Flippin) Swearngin, Edwin Bybee, Joy (Martin) Berney, Maudine Holmes, Judy (Mills) Noland

1970 - Shawn (Reser) Miller, Shirley (Gutievez) Grone-Downing & Marjorie Grone, Bob Follmer, Berlidene (Spry) Brown, Wayne Hazel, Randy Eaton

1971 - Ozzie Wallace, Joy (Davis) Scaggs & Herman “Bud” Balke

1972 - LuAnne (Reser) Holmes, Patty (Barnes) Wallace, Melvin Kurtz, Hope (Steffens) Seider, Joyce Kinkead, Leroy Whitaker

1973 - Greeta Estes, Doug Stevens, John White, Pam Henderson, Bill Woods, Zane Francis McCubbin

1974 - Susan (Davis) Barnhorst

1975 - Nita (Johnson) Roe, Donna Stull

1976 – Kelly Owen, Vicky (Mantonya) Church

1977 – Drew Stowe, Sandra (Marsh) Wiseman

1978 - Sue (McDaniels) Stevens

1979 - David Breshears, Debbie (Stull) Stowe, Nancy (Martin) Davis

1980 - Mike Rash, Pete Crabtree

1982 - Tammy (Byrum) Rash

1985 – Susan (Drake) Johnson

1987 – Debbie (Hendrix) Davenport

1990 – Bonnie (Veatch) Dumsday

1991 - Amie (Bell) Breshears, James Hawley

1995 – Sherri (Hawley) Fairweather

2007 – Holly Culton

2013 - Kentton Harris

2014 – Mercedes Davenport

2017 - Bailey Sharp

Teachers & Administration - Joe & Diane Bockelman, Dr. John Boise, Dr. Shawn Poyser, JC Owsley, Latricia Sharp 

 Please use whsalumni1894@gmail.com or shawley.kjarlaw@gmail.com. for address changes








Don’t forget the donations can be made at any time such as memorials, wills and trusts.  If you would like to donate to the Scholarship Fund please indicate the amount and mail the check to the Warsaw School Alumni Association (PO Box 1528, Warsaw MO  65355).

Check the Warsaw School District web site (http://www.warsawk12.org) for updates.  Alumni info is on the left hand side of the page. 

Check out the Alumni Shirts available below......


 The Warsaw School Alumni Association is selling shirts for the Biennial Reunion and Alumni Scholarship Fund.

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Sleeve add on $5.00       YES/NO     YEAR_________                           Total Due _______________


Make checks payable to Warsaw School Alumni Association Inc

PO BOX 1528 Warsaw MO  65355







  •  Our data base is very limited for the classes after about 1980 to current.  If anyone has had and reunion or is getting ready to have one please send us an undated list of addresses for your class.
  •  We have a data base of all graduates (1894 to current) but are always on the look out for address changes or updates.  Please e-mail stull_d@hotmail.com and shawley.kjarlaw@gmail.com with any changes.







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