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32nd Biennial Warsaw All School Reunion

 June 6, 2015 the Warsaw School Alumni Association met for the 32nd Biennial reunion.  It was held at the Knights of Columbus Hall with over 140 alumni in attendance. The alumni and their guests were greeted with decorations in the school colors of green, black and white.


The festivities started with the WHS Class of 1953 gathering at 2:00pm with snacks and lots of storytelling. The Class of 1953 made a $100 donation to the scholarship fund.  Then the other alumni started arriving.  Lots of old friends connecting with each other laughing, talking and sharing of how the years had been good to them.  The WHS Classes of 1960, 1965, 1975 and 1995 each had several people celebrating their 55th, 50th, 40th, and 20th reunions in conjunction with the all school reunion.


At 5:30 pm a small business meeting was held.  President, Donna Stull opened the meeting by thanking everyone for attending and then proceeded to the election of officers and directors, Donna Stull-President, Sherri Hawley-Secretary, Ann Porter-Director and Judy Kinkead-Director.  Each of these terms are for 4 years.  Robert Kennedy was also elected to the scholarship committee. The Alumni Scholarship receipients were announced.  Randall Sherman, one of the Alumni Scholarship winners was introduced to the alumni, and he thanked everyone for the scholarship and stated his plans of attending college and majoring in Business.  The probable date for the next reunion will be June 10th, 2017.  The classes in attendance were then announced by the decades starting at 1940 through 2015.  Donna also announced that Judy Kinkead had been keeping a memorial page for the alumni that had passed since the last reunion and the list was at the front table.  The Alumni Association also had shirts they were selling.  The business meeting was concluded with all the alumni singing the school song, “Mid the Hills of Benton County” together and the praying the common table prayer for dinner.  The meeting was adjourned until the next reunion.  Several alumni stayed for dinner and others just stayed to visit but either way a nice evening was had by everyone.


Here is the list of attending alumni we were able to put together: Class of 1942-Murl Henderson, Earlene Hazel Henderson Class of 1944-Paul Yager  Class of 1946-Richard Mueller, Freda Bybee Whitaker  Class of 1948-James Holloway  Class of 1949-Larry Walthall, June  Drennon Walthall, Rosemary Antwiler Walthall  Class of 1950-Beth Beyer Hudgens, William Hughes  Class of 1951-Fred Gregory, Paul Estes, Marcine (Tally) Wooldridge  Class of 1952-Philip Salley, Carter Kinkead, Beverly Bybee Spatz  Class of 1953-Roche Allen Martin, JoDee Walthall Estes, Greeta Copp Hensley, Kathleen Sheperd-Millam, Dorothy Barber Stull, Lew Massey, Mayetta  Chancellor Ballew, Dottie Breshears, John Dillard Martin, Keith A. Johnson, Harold L. Johnson, Joyce Ihrig Bybee-Brown, Veta Salley Kinkead, Shirley Holley Scott, Robert Scott, Bob Suiter, John Laird, Jimmy Tolliver  Class of 1954-Helen McLerran Gregory, Ruby Massey Moulder, Larry Freund, Darlene Bybee Bailey  Class of 1955-Julie Shepherd Salley, Harvey Holloway  Class of 1956-Robert Drake, Jr., Carolyn Teeter Cunningham  Class of 1957-Karen Price Myers, Turner Shipman, Allen Holley, Lowell Moore, Marilyn Freund Stevinson  Class of 1958-Janet Rice Hollaway, Carolyn Jeanne Atkins Moore, Janis Johnson Cobb, Class of 1959-James  Poe, Robert  Kennedy, Linda McCartney Gregory, Bill Parr, Dianne Martin Williams, Junior Williams  Class of 1960-Gary Noland, Joe Freund, Marcia Laird Lucietta, Marilyn Getz Annis, Sandra  See Phillips, JD  Findley, Nancy Cooper Grubbs, Dale  Hessefort, LeeRoy  Compton, Betty Ward Hollcroft, Jim Hollcroft, Evelyn Garrison Bristow, Linda King Parker  Class of 1961-Beverly Stull Parr, Dick Copp, Shirley Roberts Copp, Randy Price, Ron Holmes, Karen Howe Powell, Deana Buckley Cole, Linda Jones Collett  Class of 1962-Gary Howe, Cinda Jones Garrison  Class of 1963-Jim Weaver, John Foster, Harold Guy Neas, Kaye Womack Mantonya  Class of 1964-Marty Gardner Weaver, Judi  Johnson Eckhoff, Sharon Kay Kirby Neas, Terry  Johnson  Class of 1965-Barbara Mantonya Veach, William Mills, Melvin Foster, Joe Hessefort , Roger Pickard, Kathleen McMillin Howe, Chlorine Allen Bunch, Mary VanNoy Schenewark, Kenneth Mantonya  Class of 1966-Barbara Pickard Mills, Cindy Whitaker Pickard, Judy Kinkead, Marsha Eaton Rudolph, Ron White, John  Miller, Reta Whittle Fields  Class of 1967-Linda Flippin Hazel  Class of 1970-Randy Eaton, Wayne Hazel, Bob Follmer  Class of 1971-Elwin Yoder  Class of 1972-Melvin Rusty Kurtz, Deborah Fergerson Gouge, Buddy Eichler, Dorothy Retherford Eichler, LeRoy Whitaker  Class of 1973-Steve Barb, Jo Smith  Class of 1975-Donna Stull, Mary Jane Drake Cone, Louise McDonald Dorr, Daniel Button, Kathy Kammeyer Freeburger, Cheryl Christiansen Thurston, Lloyd Durham, Debbie Crump Barb  Class of 1977-Drew Stowe  Class of 1979-Debbie Stull Stowe  Class of 1980-Mike Rash  Class of 1981-Ann Kammeyer Porter  Class of 1982-Tammy Byrum Rash  Class of 1986-Harold Mantonya  Class of 1990-Bonnie Veach Dumsday  Class of 1993-Laura Ford Rogers  Class of 1995-Sherri Fairweather Hawley, Leslie Nelson Brantley, Danyel Luttrull Rickard, Christy Johnson Blevins, Tyson Rogers  Class of 2009-Ethan Newman  Class of 2015-Randall Sherman, Bailey Jelinek




Here is the list of alumni who had passed in since June 2013: Class of 1937-Dr. Darrell Dean Cunningham, Dr. Russell Drennon  Class of 1939-Ruth Blackwell McCarty  Class of 1940-Nancy Henderson Crocker, Geraldine Cunningham Drennon, Norval Wheeler  Class of 1941-Hazel Parker Carpenter, Brunette Salley Hudgens  Class of 1942-Eunice B. Wise Boyd, E. Vaughn Hosmann, Wanda Robb Means  Class of 1943-Lela Arnett Hall  Class of 1944-Evelyn Bailey Preiutt  Class of 1945-Minnie Louise Gregory Fleming  Class of 1947-Geraldine “Gerry” Spry Dodd, Lucille Spry Howell, Fauntilla Beaman Thompson  Class of 1948-Dean “Sappo” Bailey, Biddle Freund  Class of 1949-Dennis Duke, Lester Hensley, Ethel Smallwood Kirby  Class of 1950-Billy McLaughlin, Eddie Schneider  Class of 1951-Joy Hosmann Jackson, Jerry Lumpe, Leonard Wooldridge Class of 1952-Rolla Grace  Class of 1953- Charles Thurman  Class of 1954-Sandra Cooper Burns, Betty Hankins Lambeth, Patricia Christy McLaughlin  Class of 1955-Alma DeMois Hutsler  Class of 1956-Kenneth S. Johnson  Class of 1957-Mack Powell, Louie W Robinett  Class of 1958-Thaney Scott Oswald, Bessie Thompson Suiter  Class of 1959-Jerry Bird  Class of 1960-Janet Spry Davis  Class of 1965-John Malecki  Class of 1966-Ron Hockman  Class of 1967-Ronnie Flippen, John Heizman  Class of 1968-James Edward Hahn  Class of 1970-Estelle Kain Chance  Class of 1972-Karen Kellner  Mills  Class of 1979-Timothy Bittiker  Class of 1982-James Kindle Jr.. Brenda Roberts Stewart  Class of 1991-Duane Proffitt  Class of 1994-Steven Knox  Class of 1995-William Paxton


WHS Alumni Gather For Thirtieth Reunion

WHS Alumni Gather For Thirtieth Reunion

By Anita Campbell (pictures also by Anita Campbell)

Enterprise Staff


     "Mid the Hills of Benton County, there is one among the rest, Where our dear old Warsaw High School's loved by all of us the best" rang out on Wildcat Drive as graduates of Warsaw High School from 1939 to 2006 gathered to catch up with classmates from their high school days.  The Thirtieth Biennial Reunion of WHS graduates was held at the Knights of Columbus Hall on June 11 with approximately 300 attendees with spouses and friends attending.

     The social hour was held from 4 until 5:30.  President Carter Kinkead (1952) called the meeting to order at 5:30.  Donations of $440 were collected with an extra $50 from the Class of 1961.  The oldest alum present was Ruth Blackwell McCarty Class of 1939 and the youngest alum present was Esther Conwell Class of 2006.

     New officers for the next reunion include:  President Donna Stull (1975); Secretary Jesse Lomax (2003); Director Ann Kammeyer Porter (1981) and Director Judy Kinkead (1966).

     WHS graduates attending the reunion included:

     Class of 1939, Ruth Blackwell McCarty, Wheatland; Class of 1942, Vaughn Hosmann, Blue Springs, Earlean Hazel Henderson, Warsaw, Murl Henderson, Warsaw; Class of 1944, Paul Yager, Edwards; Class of 1945, Eddie Louis Thomas, Warsaw; Class of 1946, Earl Martin, Warsaw; Class of 1947, Gerry Spry Dodd, Warsaw, Freda Bybee Whitaker, Warsaw; Class of 1948 Vaughn Sappo Bailey, Newport Beach, CA, Nellie Scott Harper, Warsaw; Class of 1949, Jim North, Louisburg, Betty Spry Downs, Sedalia, Forrest Gregory, Warsaw, June Drennon Walthall, Warsaw, Larry Walthall, Warsaw.

      Class of 1950, Barbara Waisner, Springfield, Evelyn Williams, Warsaw, Bill Hughes, Warsaw, Ed Schneider, Warsaw; Class of 1951,  Darrell Waisner, Springfield, Paul Estes, Warsaw, Fred Gregory, Warsaw; Class of 1952, Paul Wheeler, Appleton City,  George Keightley, Cole Camp, Shirley Neas Dunshee, Lincoln, Beverly Bybee Spatz, Manchester, Phillip Salley, Montgomery, AL, Mary Pat Wilde, Warsaw, Carter Kinkead, Warsaw; Class of 1953, John Laird, Chesterfield, Mayetta Ballew, Hermitage, Agnes Kurtz, Peculiar, Veta Salley Kinkead, Warsaw, JoDee Walthall Estes, Warsaw, Greeta Cobb Hensley, Warsaw, Lew Massey, Warsaw; Class of 1954, Darlene Bybee Bailey, Cathedral City, CA, Patty Christy McLaughlin, Harrisonville, Celia Ferguson McMillen, Warsaw, Jack Breshears, Warsaw, Helen McLerron Gregory, Warsaw; Class of 1955, Harvey Holloway, Blue Springs, Louise Holmes Franklin, Buffalo, Carol Christy Laird, Godfrey, IL, Julie Shepard Salley, Montgomery, AL, Dick Kreisel, Warsaw, Earlene Spry Reser, Warsaw; Class of 1956, Sandra King Owen, Warsaw;  Class of 1957, Caroly Miller, Cross Timbers, Turner Shipman, Kansas City, Lowell Moore, Odessa, Rick Fajen, Warsaw, Danny King, Warsaw, Leota Franks Kreisel, Warsaw; Class of 1958, Janet Holloway, Bleu Springs, Keigh Johnson, Lincoln, Jeanne Moore, Odessa, Janis Cobb, Warsaw; Class of 1959, Wilma Stull Keightley, Cole Camp, Bill Parr, New Franklin, Bob Kennedy, Pleasant Hill, Linda McCartney Gregory, Warsaw, Raylene Yach, Warsaw, Henry Pohl.

     Class of 1960, Marcia Laird Lucietta, Bay Village, OH, J.D. Findley, Edwards, Mary Ferguson Linville, Harrisonville, Gary Noland, Sedalia, Richie Scott, Springfield, LeeRoy Compton, Warsaw; Class of 1961, Randy Price, Columbia, Bob Kinkead, Harrisburg, Ron Holmes, Henderson, NV, Linda Collett, Knob Noster, Sharon Findley Bybee, Lenexa, KS, Larry Sweeny, Lone Jack, Beverly Stull Parr, New Frnaklin, Dick Copp, Quincy, Shirley Copp, Quincy, Deana Cole, Warsaw, Ann Drake Breshears, Warsaw, Ron Jenkins, Windsor; Class of 1962, Dennis Byrd, Grain Valley, Cinda Jones Garrison, Halfway, Marilyn Reser McCain, Lincoln, Jewell Milam Benner, Neosho; Class of 1963, Bill Davidson, Clinton, Dottie Breshears, Hermitage, Gary Howe, Kansas City, Kaye Womack Mantonya, Warsaw, Jim Weaver, Warsaw, Jan Jenkins, Windsor; Class of 1964, Marty Gardener Weaver, Warsaw; Class of 1965, Chlorine Bunch, Harrisonville, Roger Pickard, Lee's Summit, Mary Vannoy Schenewark, Lincoln, Kenneth Mantonya, Warsaw, Bill Salley, Warsaw; Class of 1966, Arlie (Skeeter) Turner, Camdenton, Cindy Whitaker Pickard, Lee's Summit, Robert Barb, McKinney, TX, Joyce Spry Hasper, Pasadena, CA, Stephen Hasper, Pasadena, CA, Marsha Eaton Rudolph, Raytown, Sharon Mayes Noland, Warsaw, Judy Kinkead, Warsaw, John Miller, Warsaw; Class of 1967, Marcie Turner, Camdenton, Gerald Follmer, Warsaw; Class of 1969, Maudine Holmes, Warsaw.

     Class of 1970, Mike Fisher, Bedford, IA, Beridene Spry Brown, Edwards, Shawn Reser Miller, Warsaw, Randy Eaton, Warsaw; Class of 1971, Anita Arnett Campbell, Warsaw, Patricia Tatum Hazel, Warsaw; Class of 1972, Melvin Rusty Kurtz, Blue Springs, LeRoy Whitaker, Warsaw; Class of 1973, Jack Hahn, Warsaw, Zane Francis McCubbin, Warsaw; Class of 1974, Kathi Gatliff Owens, Augusta, MA; Vickie Berryman Whitaker, Warsaw, Elaine Harper Simons, Warsaw; Class of 1975, Donna Stull, Warsaw; Class of 1976, Carolyn Pickett Santiago, Bakersfield, CA, Sue Jenson Batz, Centennial, CO, John Kelly Owen, Garland, TX, Roberta Boring Schnakenberg, Warsaw, Ted Gatliff, Warsaw, Steve Spencer, Warsaw; Class of 1979, Steve Porter, Warsaw, Teresa Antwiler Gatliff, Warsaw.

     Class of 1980, Les Pickett; Class of 1981, Ann Kammeyer Porter, Warsaw.

     Class of 1991, Amie Bell Breshears, Warsaw; Class of 1999, Andrea Nasser Sponder, Sedalia.

    Class of 2000, Sue Blair, Warsaw; Class of 2002, Andrew Nasser, Sedalia; Class of 2006, Esther Conwell, Humansville.

     Faculty - Carl and Gloria Carpenter, Trenton and Jean Intelman, Warsaw.

The Bybee Sisters
The Bybee Sisters
30th All School Reunion 6-11-11

Roger and Cindy (Whitaker) Pickard
Roger and Cindy (Whitaker) Pickard
30th All School Reunion 6-11-11

Ron and Jan (Cothern) Jenkins
Ron and Jan (Cothern) Jenkins
30th All School Reunion 6-11-11

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